2017 NFGS Consignment  Auction

The NFGS Consignment Auction will be held at 1:00 pm on Sunday, July 30 at the Williamstown High School, 219 W. Fifth Street (rear), Williamstown, WV.  26187  Preview will begin at 11:30 am.  NFGS members, and non-members, if you are unable to attend, you can place an absentee bid. This is your opportunity to participate and win something for your collection. The auction is open to the public.  We invite anyone who is in the area to attend the auction.  Photos of the items are posted below.              

Consignment Auction Absentee Bidding

Bidding will begin on the floor, then your bid will be placed competitively by a neutral party. No absentee bid will be placed if the item is damaged. Winning bidders will be responsible for their bid, sales tax, plus shipping charges based on the chart in the Flyer.  You will find an absentee bid form in your most recent Fenton Flyer, or you may print a copy from the PDF posted on this page.  Please be sure your absentee bid form arrives at the office by Tuesday, July 25, 2017.  

Please be aware that descriptions are the responsibility of the individual consignor and that the NFGS holds no responsibility as to their accuracy.

A listing of the auction items and an absentee bid form are available to print.  Please click on the PDF icon to the right.

 2017 NFGS Consignment Auction Photos ~ Page 3 of 4

a17-_131.jpg a17-_132.jpg
a17-_133.jpg a17-_134.jpg
a17-_135.jpg a17-_136.jpg
a17-_137.jpg a17-_138.jpg
a17-_139.jpg a17-_140.jpg
a17-_141.jpg a17-_142.jpg
a17-_143.jpg a17-_144.jpg
a17-_145.jpg a17-_146.jpg
a17-_147.jpg a17-_148.jpg
a17-_149.jpg a17-_150.jpg
a17-_151.jpg a17-_152.jpg
a17-_153.jpg a17-_154.jpg
a17-_155.jpg a17-_156.jpg
a17-_157.jpg a17-_158.jpg
a17-_159.jpg a17-_160.jpg
a17-_161.jpg a17-_162.jpg
a17-_163.jpg a17-_164.jpg
a17-_165.jpg a17-_166.jpg
a17-_167.jpg a17-_168.jpg
a17-_169.jpg a17-_170.jpg
a17-_171.jpg a17-_172.jpg
a17-_173.jpg a17-_174.jpg
a17-_175.jpg a17-_176.jpg


a17-_179.jpg a17-_180.jpg
a17-_181.jpg a17-_182.jpg
a17-_183.jpg a17-_184.jpg
a17-_185.jpg a17-_186.jpg
a17-_187.jpg a17-_188.jpg
a17-_189.jpg a17-_190.jpg

Thank you for viewing the NFGS auction glass.  We hope to see you at the auction, but if you are unable to attend, please consider placing an absentee bid.  There is a PDF of that form at the top of each page.  This consignment auction is open to the public.  We will accept absentee bids from non-members. 

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