Mar.-Apr. '09

This page is designed to complement The Fenton FlyerThe Fenton Flyer is printed in black and white, with color highlights on several pages, but without full color photos.  We hope the members of the NFGS enjoy viewing the photos in color, and the visitors to the NFGS website enjoy them and are curious to learn more about the articles they represent.  To learn more about the NFGS or to join, please visit the Membership page by clicking on the title in the panel on the left or on the bottom of this page.


Below are the photos that appear in the Mar./Apr. 2009 issue of the Fenton Flyer.

 Two new offerings for NFGS members!!

Just in time for your Easter and spring dec-orating we have this adorable pair.  For our Premium Members we have a Chameleon Green mouse holding a bright yellow bouquet.  A bluebird is whispering in his ear.  For all members there is an Opal elephant that has an airbrushed natural grey finish.  He is coming back from a stroll through a field of flowers.  LOOK - he stopped and picked one just for you!  They will be available March 10, 2009.

 S-t-r-e-t-c-h your Fenton glass knowledge................ by Doug McIntosh

Discover a new resource for Fenton info - join the Stretch Glass Society.  To the right are 3 Imperial pieces:  Pearl Silver vase, a Smoke on pink glass plate, and a Ruby Nu Art lamp shade.   

US Glass openwork bowl 



  Diamond Lustre punch bowl

Northwood Emerald Green bowl

Can you ID this cat??  by Judy Cord

"Big Pink"  weighs 4.5 lbs., 7" tall, 3.75" base front to back. 

Collector's Corner............... by Teresa Bonner

Crested lines are at the heart of their collection.  Included in the collection of Les and Roxanne Rowe are the crested pieces to the right.  Below is a Crystal Crest pitcher and double crested vases - one with blue inside milk glass and one with ruby to which a milk glass crest has been added.

To the right is a Green Opalescent rib optic turtle aquarium - one of two that are know to exist.  Far right is a Screaming Yellow coin dot vase.  This color is believed to have been done for L.G. Wright.

Keeping your eyes open... by John Walk 

Right:  A close-up of the Aqua Crest tumbler with a textured finish.  Far right:  6.5" footed basket, a covered candy dish and the textured tumbler.

Below:  Charcoal pastel of a white alley cat.

HAPPY   EASTER   to all National Fenton Glass Society Members!


The NFGS bids farewell to Pat Stacy........... by David Matheny


Patricia Jean Stacy passed away Jan. 14, 2009.  She was 83, born Christmas of 1925.  Pat was founding member #15 of the NFGS, one of three people who signed the NFGS incorporation papers.  She was serving as the Assistant Historian at the time of her passing.  She was very active in the local NFGS chapter, having served as their secretary and as treasurer for many years. 

Pat's legacy lives on in her daughter Susan Davison, NFGS Treasurer and board member, in addition to being president of the local chapter.  She will be missed by her husband Robert Stacy and all who knew her. 

Frank would have loved this......................    by Thomas K Smith

The picture on the right is of an Apple Tree (Quince) vase in Mongolian Green.  None of those involved in the sale and purchase of this vase remembers ever seeing one in this color.  A rare find indeed!!   

Fenton Forecast:  Sunny in Williamstown........................ by  A. Fenton Fann

From the right:  Birthstone Bears, Marigold Waterlily jardiniere, Kelsey's "Just Ripe" ginger jar with base, "Lady Elegance" in Favrene vase and Dave Fetty's "Granite Rings".


Off e-Bay Finds.................. by Ckris Cord

The "Roses" comport has only the leaves painted.  The "Roses" candleholder is decorated with blue roses, green leaves and green stripe around the base.  The tumbler is orange cased, with the orange on the bottom 2 inches a burnt orange and the upper portion a bright orange.  The interior is white.

First is a French Opalescent Plymouth 4 1/2 inch mug.  Fenton made a line of bar ware in this pattern.  On the right is a Honey Amber Overlay "Roses" 15  inch student lamp.   

GettingStarted..................   by Bruce and Jean Bentz

This is a new feature where members share how they started collecting Fenton.  They began in 1992 with the purchase of three 5165 cats.