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Below are the photos that apear in the August '08 issue of the Fenton Flyer. 

  Fenton Forecast.......... by A. Fenton Fann 


 Frank Would Have  Loved  This........ by Tom Smith

A collector found a single #950 Cornucopia Bowl in rare Cameo Opalescent. (left)


 Book Review....by Millie Coty

“Elegant Glass - Early, Depression, and Beyond,” Revised 3rd Edition
Authors: Debbie & Randy Coe (right)


Glass Pass offers discounts to 22 attractions - Blenko Man shown below.

The Glass Pass offers discounts on admissions to participating museums and attractions in OH, PA and WV, including the Museum of American Glass in Weston, W.Va. There you can see "Blenko Man," a near life-sized cowboy of Blenko glass pieces. 

Glass attractions participating in the pass include: The West Virginia Museum of American Glass, Ltd. in Weston, W.Va.; The Fenton Art Glass Factory & Museum in Williamstown, WV.; Baker Family Museum in Caldwell, OH; The National Museum of Cambridge Glass in Cambridge, OH; The National Imperial Glass Museum in Bellaire, OH; Fostoria Glass Museum in Moundsville, OH; The National Duncan Glass Museum in Washington, PA.; The National Heisey Glass Museum in Newark, OH; The Ohio Glass Museum in Lancaster, OH; The Tiffin Glass Museum in Tiffin, OH; Crystal Traditions in Tiffin, OH, and the Glass Heritage Gallery in Fostoria, OH.

Participating tourism centers for the Glass Pass are: Cambridge/Guernsey County Visitors & Convention Bureau in Cambridge, OH; Belmont County Tourism Council in St. Clairsville, OH; Greater Licking County Convention & Visitors Bureau in Newark, OH; Marietta/Washington County Convention & Visitors Bureau in Marietta, OH; Seneca County Convention & Visitors Bureau in Tiffin, OH; Fairfield Country Visitors & Convention Bureau in Lancaster, OH; Noble County Tourism in Caldwell, OH; Washington County Tourism in Washington, PA; the Greater Parkersburg Convention & Visitors Bureau in Parkersburg, WV, and the Fostoria Area Visitors Bureau in Fostoria, OH.

For more information about the museums, attractions or the Glass Pass itself, log onto www.GlassPass.org .

Off-Ebay Finds.............by Ckris Cord


Two-handled Gold Crest Sugar Bowl is extremely rare.  Only two known to exist. No creamers have been found. 

Made exclusively for Debi Crickenberger, owner of Cricket Antiques in Williamsburg, Va.  Apple Green sitting cat sample called Blossom. Celeste Blue stylized cat sample called Miss Nectar.

Beth Weissman, small, 4-inch hat vase with the usual blue ring on the bottom and beautiful     hand-painted roses on all 4 sides. (below)


 Four-leg oval vase with brown leaves,  approximately 4" tall and stands very majestic  with its brown leaves.

Mysteries lurk behind several of Fenton’s 5165 cat figurines. Bandit cat photo line-up............. By Judy Cord

We hope to see you at the National Fenton Glass Society's 19th Annual Convention, August 1 - 3, at the Comfort Inn, Marietta, OH.

          *  Mystery Cat  *                  details in the NFGS Fenton Flyer

We hope you receive this August issue of Fenton Flyer before you leave if you are attending the convention.  If you aren't attending the convention, please watch for the Sept./Oct. issue of the Fenton Flyer, which should  feature the highlights.  In an attempt to adjust the dates of the Flyer, you will be receiving the next issue sooner than normal. 


Below are the photos that apear in the June-July '08 issue of the Fenton Flyer. 


 Frank Would Have  Loved  This........ by Tom Smith

 #549 8-inch all royal blue     candlesticks.


 National Marble Museum announces plans to relocate to the Museum of American Glass in West Virginia.

Off-Ebay Finds.............by Ckris Cord

On the right are three candleholders in the Roses pattern.  Ruby, Cobalt and Lavender Opalescent.      

Below is a Goldcrest bowl and a set of candleholders painted by Louise Piper.      

Bottom right is a light green goblet and a sugar bowl in the same color.  

Royal Blue 7-inch Mirrored Lotus Bowl made in 1910 and very scarce.


Below are the photos that apear in the April-May '08 issue of the Fenton Flyer. 

Taking the Fenton Museum auction by storm


On the right is a blue opalescent coin spot ivy ball, made in the mid-1950's, which sold for $250.







Below is an opal satin iceberg paperweight with a hand-painted log cabin motif.  It was done for the Fenton Gift Shop in the 1970's.  This one, signed "handpainted by   J. Cutshaw" sold at auction for $120.00.


American Beauty

Congratulations to Nicole Rash, granddaughter of NFGS members David and Linda Rash, who was named first runner-up in the Miss America pageant in January.  Nicole, 22, was representing the state of Indiana, having been crowned in that state's pageant in June of 2007.   


Forecast from the Fenton Factory: Continued sunshine in 2008 .................    by A. Fenton Fann

Kelsey Murphy and Robert Bomkamp's 12" Sail Away vase, Frank Workman's Lava Flow vase and the Emerald Green carnival Parrot vase were items in the latest offering.




Frank Would Have Loved This........ by Tom Smith

Size matters!  Shown is a #1502 Cameo Opalescent 18"swung vase with a Diamond Optic. (center) 

The Orange tree carnival glass powder box is aqua opalescent, a heretofore unreported color for this treatment. (far right)

 Off-Ebay Finds...by Ckris Cord

8 "Goldenrod Hobnail Vase          13" Cranberry Opalescent      Hobnail Basket                       Colonial Pink Iridized "Rose"      Tall Comport

Ebay Finds... by Ckris Cord

Fenton glass Louise Piper Spanish Lace Gold Crest footed candy & candleholders.


Collector's Corner.........by Teresa Bonner

Featured in this issue  are two collections of Ckris and Judy Cord.  The first is Goldenrod, followed by Talisman Rose. 

To the right is a 13" Goldenrod bowl, a pair of candleholders and a 5" vase.  Below is a Goldenrod condiment set, a 7" vase, the 5"hobnail squat jug and the 12" Goldenrod fan vase.  Pieces were made from July 1956 through January 1957.  Above, in the Off-Ebay finds is the 8" hobnail vase.


Talisman Rose was made from March 1969 until September 1970 for Sears Roebuck. 

Talisman Rose with Blue Roses - bowl, 3 leg vase and comport. 

Talisman Rose 3 leg vases - pink roses, blue/gray roses. (below-left)  Talisman Rose tall comport - yellow roses, green roses, and yellow roses. (below - right)

Talisman Rose assortments. (bottom)