Convention & Sept.-Oct.'08

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Fenton designers Robin Spindler, right, and Michelle Kibbe joined designer Kim Barley in showing NFGS members how they decorate Fenton glass.

Ckris and Judy Cord made it their mission to photograph TS the Troll with as many convention attendees as possible.

He's shown with John Walk, author of several books on Fenton glass.

Here he's shown with Suzy Goodacre, NFGS secretary.

Above:  Tim Eichholz gave a wide-ranging talk on his research into early Fenton glass. Eichholz and his wife, Kathy, collect mainly 1930s Fenton and have done extensive research trying to trace particular pieces of glass to the companies that made them.

At right:  Barbara Nunes looks over some of the glass that Eichholz displayed during his seminar.

NFGS members had an opportunity to take special early-bird tours featuring master craftsmen Dave Fetty and Frank Workman.  (Top)  Dave Fetty applies hearts to a piece.  (Bottom left)  Frank Workman heating glass in the glory hole.  (Right)  Frank Workman blowing glass.  The treasures they created were sold during the banquet auction.

Scott Fenton, Vice President of Sales for the Fenton Art Glass Company, was the keynote speaker at the convention banquet.  Scott recounted the company's struggles and spoke of what lies ahead.

Above:  Tom Smith presented Bill and Martha McGinnis with the Edward V. Tell Award.  Right:  Bill and Martha are shown with Madge Tell.  The award is given in memory of Madge's late husband.


Left:  Jane & John Juby had more than their share of luck at the NFGS convention, winning 2 prizes in the  2008 raffle, including the top prize.  They also won the First Timers' door prize.

Above:  Frances Janis, of MI, won the door prize for the First Time convention attendees and Jack Kiser, of Ohio, won the veteran convention goer door prize at the annual meeting.

When the Fenton designers seminar was delayed, Doug McIntosh filled in by giving the audience some information on the table display of crystal crest that he and his partner, Thom Murphy, put together.

 From left, Claire Kauffung and Shirley Herron    greet members checking into convention.

From left, Mike McGinnis, Roxanne Rowe, Melody Canfield, Wendy Rowe helped sell club glass to members, under the direction of Pam McGinnis (far right.)

Paul Schmitz helps out at the consignment auction.

Charlie attended his third convention this year, and had met almost all convention-goers before it was done. He wants to thank everyone for all the belly rubs and back scratches that he enjoyed so much.

Dave Fetty helps out at the consignment auction that was held during the NFGS convention. He helped display to potential bidders some of the glass that he created.


Center:  The Glass ID seminar culminated with Tom Smith presenting a rare find by club member Mike Soper: a hatpin holder with marigold irridescence applied over chocolate glass. (center)

Far right:  Mike Soper calls numbers for "Fenton Bingo." The price of admission is a $10 piece of Fenton glass.

   George and Nancy Fenton present a preview of things to come from the company.

Right:  Chocolate glass, with its beautiful deep shades of caramel, will be among Fenton's fall offerings.

Below:  The autumn colors being offered this fall continue in this sandcarved vase.

Below right:  Offhand glass by Nathan Sheafor, with soft, autumn tones, will premiere on QVC in October. Also shown here is a sandcarved, chocolate glass lamp that will be offered in the fall.

Off-Ebay Finds.............by Ckris Cord


Right:  Green Opalescent Hobnail Pitcher

Below:  Plum Overlay Powder Jar

Below right: Wild Rose Covered Jar


Off-Ebay Finds................      by Ckris Cord





Animals from Bonnie Walk's collection are mixed in with items in John's collection.

Collector's Corner.........by Teresa Bonner

Left:  One of several corner cabinets filled with Burmese and mice!

Below:  This view of Carol's china cabinet offers a glimpse of several pieces oa cameo amid other Burmese and some of her (non-Fenton) mouse collection.

Left:  Burmese vase with vasa murrhina treatment by Dave Fetty, 2008.  Center left and right:  This is the 1982 10" Love Bouquet Jack-in-Pulpit vase I bought that Mary Walrath had donated to Easter Seals. I've included Mary's writing on the bottom.  Right:  Ebony crested 6.75" tulip vases painted with Circle of Love Bouquet pattern for Joyce Colella in 1998. The plain vase was limited to 120; the single crimped vase, to 69.


 Left:  The 6.5 inch Robert Barber candleholder was an unusual form.  According to the auction catalog, Frank M. Fenton's notes described it this way.  "Blue and tan off hand with crystal overlay candleholder.  The piece made in 1974, sold at auction Aug. 4, 2008 for $2,800.

Below:  This sandcarved bowl by Dave Fetty features three layers of glass - red, white and blue. The bowl is embossed with Fetty's personal stamp. It sold at auction for $280.

This is a recent off-hand vase by Frank Workman may have been made during the Monday morning early bird tour.  Possibly sold during the banquet auction.


 Karen Biehl's display of tobacco jars.

  Ckris Cord's collection of Goldenrod


Below:  Doug McIntosh and Thom Murphy's table was devoted to crystal crest. 

Right:  Charleton Crystal Crest. 

Far right:  Note the Peach Crystal Crest and the vase with Ruby instead of crystal.


Claire and Alan Kauffung's progressive set.

John Walk's display of aqua crest.  Note the melon vase made into a bank in the photo on the right.

   Sarah Plummer's table of amethyst and amethyst opalescent glass.



Judy Cord had two tables filled with Fenton 5165 cats.  Note the cats with clothes - an idea conceived by Kim Barley which has been successful.


      Judy & Ckris Cord's table showed an assortment of crest, hobnail and overlay pieces.


Shades of blue on Barbara Nunes' table.

  Above and below left:  Examples of hand vases displayed by Alice and James Rose.

Right:  Judy and Ckris Cord's table displayed a selection of the embossed roses design.

  Linda and David Rash's display of Pekin Blue glass.

  Les and Roxanne Rowe's table of crest whimsies.

  Bill Crowl's display of stretch glass.



Sharon and Alan Fenner's table display.

Autumn Leaves on Black.